Sell Sample Packs, Presets, Beats, Stock Music, Sound Effects and DAW Templates in minutes.

Sell digital audio items and a membership

Offer digital audio items for download and offer a membership subscription.

Digital Items

Sell digital audio products that customers can buy online and download instantly.


Offer a monthly membership subscription to your followers and included new items regularly.

Built-in marketing features

Software tools to help you automate marketing and increase sales revenue.

Discount Codes

Offer digital audio items for download and offer a membership subscription.

Automated Emails

Followers and subscribers automatically get notified about your new items.


Offer upsell offer and increase your revenue (eg. Buy item X, get 50% on item Y.)

Embed items

Offer digital audio items for download and offer a membership subscription.

Payment & Security

Sell your items with world class payment processors and state of the art security.


Our standard payment gateway which accepts payments from over 200 countries.


Offer a credit card payment option for your items with Stripe.

Secure Payments

Our buyers payment informations are handled by world class payment processors with PCI-DDS Standard.

Serial Numbers

Offer your downloads with a unique serial number.

Features Overview

The all-in-one solution for creatives to sell your digital audio items, services and grow your own business step by step.

A single solution.

Instant payment

Get paid instantly, whenever a sale is made. No waiting for monthly payouts.

No commissions

Keep 100% of your sales. Paid plans pay no commissions and keep all their earnings.

Automated Marketing

Offer Follow or Subscribe to download items and grow your account. Automatically inform your followers about new items.

Offer Discounts

Create automatically added discounts with countdown clock or create discount coupons which you only share with selected customers or followers.

Sell Memberships

Offer your followers a paid membership plan and earn recurring income. Include new items for your paid follower with a single click.


Gain analytical insights where your customers come from and what they like the most.


Conntect your Paypal account and receive Paypal payments directly to your Paypal account.


Connect your Stripe account to offer buyers more payment options and receive credit card payments.

Export Reports

Save the time consuming tasks of creating monthly reports for your business and easily create reports with a single click.


Create irresistable upsell offers with add to cart popups (eg. Buy item X and get item Y for 50%).

Dark Mode

It is finally here and looks amazing! Carefully integrated and made to work with all color themes and included pages. You will love it!

Free Updates

We love our customers and we are always upgrading and adding new features to our software.

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Thank you for making this platform! Finally a place where I can sell my music. Whenever I have a question you guys help me out. Thanks!

For Service by soundsteam

While reading the docs I can feel that you literally gave a lot of thought into creating this project. Thanks for making it possbible!

For Features by AZMusic

After I signed up I started to download a couple free Sample Packs and then bought a guitar Sample Pack! All went smooth. Love to check this place out regularly. So glad I found you.

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