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Monthly Chat Messages 5 20 100 Unlimited
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File upload size 1.5GB Unlimited 10GB Unlimited
Sell memberships -
Follow to Download -
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Sell Software License Keys - -
Multiple files - -
Professional Reports - -
Fees 2,9% + $0.30 2,9% + $0.30 2,9% + $0.30 2,9% + $0.30
Marketplace Fee 30% 0% 0% 0%
Annual sales limit 5k Unlimited 30k Unlimited
For sales within the EU VAT taxes of the respective country will be shown.
Customers can choose the currency at the payment providers page. All other fees such as subscription fees are calculated and paid in US Dollar and are subject to MwSt. tax.

ROQSTAR Corporate

Business solutions for enterprises and large companies.
Large quantities? Need software licensing? Get in touch

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You can sell Sample Packs (no single sounds), Preset Packs, Project Templates, Sound Effects, Beats and Stock Music.

When you sell an item on Roqstar you get paid instantly. The funds from your customer will be sent directly to your Paypal or Stripe account and show up immediately.

Basic, Pro and Business members keep 100% of their sales. Free members keep 70%.

Yes, we have pre-defined licenses in which you can sell your items in. The pre-defined licenses make it easy for buyers to buy and compare different licenses instead of many sellers having different all kind of different licenses. This is especially useful if you want to lease Beats or Stock Music.

Example: A small Youtuber will have the option to choose a small license versus a large company can choose a more expensive license to use your Stock Music.

Yes, you can see the data of your customers, such as country, email and other information in your sales statistics and invoices.

As a seller you can offer a monthly membership to your fans and include selected items for them to download. You keep 100% of membership sales. You can also offer them additional help via chat etc. Items which you included in the membership plan will be still for sale for all other buyers.

Yes. You can cancel anytime. If you have a monthly plan and cancel it before your plan ends it will not be renewed for the following month. The same logic applies to yearly plans.

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